What Should You Do If You Are buying a Property With an Unused Underground Storage Tank?

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If you have purchased a property you plan to develop and there is an unused underground tank there, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to deal with it safely. Whether you are building a commercial or residential structure, there are protocols you need to follow. Here’s an overview of the steps involved: 1. Educate yourself on the tank. When buying the property, talk with the buyer and your broker about the tank. Find out when it was last used, what is was filled with and if there have been any problems. Also, inquire about any recent safety inspections. For example, if it’s a defunct propane tank that has never been properly emptied, and a pipe breaks, it may cause a disastrous leak. Alternatively, if it’s a water tank that has been corroded through, there may be a risk of falling through the ground when walking above it. Talk with the seller so you know how to tread forward. 2. Assess if you can remove the tank. Consult with a company who provides tank solutions to see if the tank can be moved. Ideally, defunct tanks should be removed, but in some cases, such as if the tank is under the foundation of an existing structure, it may not be possible to remove it. Companies that specialise in installing, maintaining and removing tanks can help you keep and safely decommission the tank or remove it. 3. Schedule a risk containment survey. Whether you end up removing the tank or keeping it, you should schedule a risk containment survey of the area. These surveys check the surrounding area to ensure it has not been contaminated by the contents in the tank during its lifespan or whilst it was being removed. They look at the surrounding groundwater and the soil. 4. Work with the risk containment officials to deal with the issue. If the risk auditor determines that there has been an unsafe level of toxins in the area from the metals in the tank, the materials in the tank or any other causes, they will advise you on what to do next. In some cases, they may have soil or water mediation strategies that can help clean it. In other cases, they may advise removing some of the soil and integrating fresh fill into the plot. For more tips on the risks of unused underground tanks, contact a risk containment...

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Do You Need a Carbon Dioxide Detector in Your Convenience Store?

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Do you have a soda machine in your convenience store? If yes, you may need to install a carbon dioxide detector/monitor within the store. This article discusses why you may need this device. Carbon Dioxide and Soda Carbonated drinks (such as soda) are made by passing carbon dioxide gas through water. This carbonation process is what makes soda fizzy. The carbon dioxide easily dissolves in the soda mixture. When you open the soda can or bottle, bubbles of the gas escape into the atmosphere. Why You Need a Carbon Dioxide Detector Carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen. When carbon dioxide leaks from a hose transporting it into the soda-making machine, it occupies the lower part of the air within your convenience store. The carbon dioxide displaces any oxygen that is present in the air within the store. It will therefore become very difficult for your staff and customers to breathe. The victims will start developing symptoms of an elevated level of carbon dioxide in the blood  such as muscle twitches and a racing pulse. You can asphyxiate (become deprived of oxygen) if you are not removed from the source of the poisoning. The biggest challenge with carbon dioxide is that it has no smell. Consequently, your staff will be unable to get any warning that the gas is leaking from the soda machine. That is why you need a carbon dioxide monitor within the premises. Different manufacturers make carbon dioxide sensors/monitors that operate differently. For instance, some of those detectors use infra red light to measure the frequency of gases present in the location where the detector/sensor has been placed. Once the machine detects a high level of carbon dioxide, it alerts the occupants of the room or store by sounding an alarm. The alarm enables your staff to evacuate the convenience store before anyone begins showing symptoms of carbon dioxide poisoning. Thus, this detector/monitor will be very helpful in many ways. First, it will save your staff from suffering from the effects of carbon dioxide exposure (such as blurry vision). Secondly, the monitor can also help you to avoid major liability suits in case a customer dies due to exposure to carbon dioxide in your convenience store. You may also get affordable insurance assessments for your business if you institute risk reduction measures such as having a carbon dioxide monitor within your premises. The importance of air quality can never be overemphasised. That is why you should contact an air quality consulting firm so that a comprehensive plan is developed to ensure that nothing compromises the air quality within your business...

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Pest Control through Landscaping: 3 Garden Plants for Keeping Mosquitos Away from Your Property

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Australia’s warm weather and strong tides have attracted hordes of mosquitos. The exploding mosquito population has caused central Australia to trigger warnings of mosquito-borne viruses in 2015. Although there are many pesticides available for eliminating mosquitos, you can easily and naturally keep mosquitos off of your property through landscaping by planting these 3 garden plants. Take Advantage of the Warm Weather by Planting Basil Basil is a wonderful herb commonly used in cooking. It can also double as a pest repellent, as the natural pungent smell of the plant drives many insects, like mosquitos, away. Thankfully, basil can be easily grown in Australia thanks to its warm climate, and it flourishes wherever there is sun. Plant basil along the perimeter of your property and your home to create a barrier. You can even keep potted basil indoors as a mosquito repellent as well. To prevent mosquitos from entering your home, place potted basil near the windows. This will allow you easy access to the herb should you need it, and it will prevent mosquitos from entering your home even if you keep the windows open on hot, summer days. Decorate Doorways with Lavender Lavender is another garden plant that will easily flourish in Australia thanks to the warm climate. It’s also commonly used for decoration. Plant lavender around the doorways for decoration and as a natural mosquito repellent. Although lavender is a relatively low-maintenance garden plant, it does require high levels of calcium and soil with a pH between 6.8 and 7.3 to grow. There are a variety of different types of lavender that can be grown. If your main concern is to repel mosquitos, choose species that are more versatile in nature and can adapt to a diverse range of environments. Plant Citronella Grass in the Yard Those who love spending time outdoors in their yards are most vulnerable to mosquitos. Citronella grass can help repel mosquitos easily, as it possesses lemon-scented properties. These garden plants are low maintenance and grow in large planters. They can easily reach a height of 2 to 4 feet and will require regular pruning. Citronella grass grows well in wide range of different soils, as long as it is well-drained. If you don’t have a green thumb, speak with a professional landscaper from a business like Rowlands Horticultural Services to determine whether your property possesses the right type of soil or sufficient sunlight for these garden plants to grow and...

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How to recycle wastewater without causing a stink

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In the battle against rising costs, many businesses are now looking for ways to recycle their waste water, also known as greywater. Doing so can save a large chunk of your water bill and help your business go green. It’s an especially effective method in the hospitality industry, where water usage is high. When most venues lose all used water down the drain, others are taking the water used by for dishwashing, or by guests for showering and putting it to work for them once again in the laundry, toilet or garden. Before this can happen, however, it’s crucial for the waste water to be treated. Once water comes in contact with organic matter it will be contaminated with bacteria. It doesn’t matter if you’re reusing dishwater filled with potato peelings or just tap water that’s been in contact with your guest’s hands — any contact is enough. Waste water systems store water for several days, which is enough time for even small amounts of bacteria to multiply and start to smell. This would obviously be off-putting for customers. You can still use waste water without causing a stench in your venue — it just needs effective treatment first. Look into setting up waste water recycling systems. There are several commercial options for this. The kind of system you’ll want to install will depend on your venue, but they generally fall into two categories: aerobic and anaerobic-to-aerobic. The science behind these two different systems isn’t crucial to know. What is important is that aerobic systems can handle waste water from showers, sinks and laundries, but they won’t cope well with dishwater. This system’s filtration can’t effectively break down the large amounts of organic matter and grease you get from a kitchen, leaving a sludgy waste product that will need to be cleaned regularly. To deal with dirty dishwater, anaerobic-to-aerobic systems provide an extra layer of filtration. This is enough to digest food waste; there’s still the waste product, but much less of it. The system will need maintenance to remove the sludge, but this can be done far less often than if you were using an aerobic system to treat the dishwater. With a treatment system in place, your waste water system is ready to connect up. Commercial systems available for public businesses will not allow you to reuse water from the toilet. Beyond that, all the water that would normally be heading down the drain can be reused to clean and flush for a greener, more economical...

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Four Steps to Follow If You Have Asbestos

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If you are like most people, you have been hearing on the news for years about the dangers of asbestos. There are facts and figures swirling around to the point where most homeowners are unsure what to do if they find it. Evacuate immediately? Take your kids and run? Do nothing? Just leave it alone? Well, that depends. There are different situations that require different responses. If you follow these steps, you will arrive at the correct decision for your family. Assess the Situation Take a moment and assess your particular situation. Are you moving into a home that needs updating? Is it time to remodel the kitchen? Does your home need some work in areas that have become damaged? If so, you most likely need to have the asbestos removed. Asbestos releases into the air, therefore posing a health risk, when it is broken up. That means if you think you have asbestos in the ceiling tiles, then you can leave them alone. If you are putting in new ceiling tiles, then you first need to have the asbestos removed. Know Where You May Find Asbestos Asbestos can be found in many different areas of your home. Textured paint, types of siding for your roof, siding for the house itself, vinyl floor tiles and insulation containing a product called vermiculite are just a few. How will you know if the textured paint you want to strip has asbestos? Well, most likely you will not know this, which is why before you start any home remodel or repair you will want to call a professional. Call in the Professionals There are two people you will need to call: the asbestos inspector and possibly the asbestos remover. There is more than a good chance Inspector John Doe is going to suggest you hire Contractor John Doe. The inspector will come out and look at the areas of your home that you are concerned about. Not all states require training for this job, but it would be wise to seek out an accredited asbestos inspector for your job. If you do have asbestos, then you will need to get an asbestos contractor for removal. The inspector can help to ensure that the contractor takes all the necessary safety precautions for the asbestos removal in your home. Don’t Panic The most important step you can follow is to not panic if you do have asbestos. Simply follow the steps above and you will know your asbestos removal needs are in good hands. If you have specific questions about the identification and asbestos disposal process, contact a business like Total Asbestos Services to learn...

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Apartment Managers: Essential Fire Safety Tips to Protect Your Property and Your Tenants

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If you are an apartment manager or the owner of an apartment building, you need to take steps to ensure your building and your tenants are as safe as possible from fire. This job includes educating your tenants about fire risks, buying the right fire equipment and making sure everything is in working order. Here’s what you should do: 1. Do a fire safety walk through with new tenants When new tenants move into the building, do a fire safety walk through with them. Show them where the emergency exits are, teach them how to work the fire extinguishers and give them a handout on safe anti-fire practices within their units. Also, make sure they understand how to proceed out of the building in the case of a fire. 2. Schedule annual fire drills In addition to showing your new tenants how to be safe, schedule an annual fire drill with all of your tenants. During the drill, remind your tenants of how to get safely out of a burning building – they should proceed to a fire door and feel it. If it is cool to the touch, they should continue to exit, but if it’s hot, they should turn around and take an alternate route out. If there is smoke in the halls, they should crawl under it, and if they cannot find a way to exit their unit safely, they should stay in there. While in the unit, they should open a window for air and if possible, hang a flag out the window to alert the fire fighters of their presence. Ideally, all of your tenants should meet in the same spot outside so you can account for everyone and advise the fire fighters if you believe someone is missing. 3. Inspect the fire equipment and safety features in your building In addition to educating your tenants, you also need to ensure your building is prepared to detect fires and offer safe paths for evacuation. Check your fire alarms on a regular basis, and make sure both they and their backup batteries work. Also, do checks of fire suppressions systems, and make sure your fire exits are clearly marked and not blocked by clutter. 4. Invest in fire extinguishers Your apartment building should have fire extinguishers through all of its hallways, and you should also have extinguishers in potentially dangerous areas such as laundry rooms (where built-up lint can become a fire hazard) and kitchens. Additionally, you may want to invest in other fire equipment including a first aid kit, lit exit signs or safety posters. For more information, contact a local fire equipment supplier like Fire Protection Services Pty Ltd. ...

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The Many Benefits of Tree Removal Services

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In the past, removing trees from your backyard was considered a bothersome task. Nowadays, as tree removal services become more and more popular, you can get rid of your backyard trees without any effort. Trees can offer many advantages for your house, such as provide shade during hot summer days, but they can also have some disadvantages. If their growth is not controlled properly, these trees may pose a serious threat to your house and its surroundings. Here is where a tree removal service comes in handy. Saving time When it comes to removing middle- or large-sized trees from your property, a lot of time is needed in order to successfully complete this task. Without the right tools, this task may become even more difficult for you to do on your own. Not only will hiring a tree removal service save you a lot of time, but it will also help minimize the effort needed to clean the land once all the branches have been cut off. Saving money You might ask yourself, how exactly am I saving money if I pay for a professional service in order to cut it down? Well, tree removal services are extremely affordable, and save you money when it comes to cleaning the landscape in order to get rid of leaves and broken branches. Falling branches can end up damaging the structure of your house or your car, leaving you with no choice but to spend money on fixing these issues. Preventing injuries If you have children, it might be best to have the old, overgrown trees removed. This is because they pose a huge threat of falling branches that might fall on your children. Sure, you could look out for loose branches and try to remove them as you see them, but this can become a tiresome task. You could also end up injuring yourself while trying to cut down these loose branches. Keeps your backyard clean Unwanted trees usually tend to shed a lot of leaves, creating an unattractive mess in your backyard. Getting these trees removed will not only enhance the general look of your backyard, but also save you money that you would have otherwise spent on cleaning the landscape over and over again. In conclusion, a tree removal company will save you money and time, while also ensuring your family’s safety by removing the health hazard associated with broken branches. A reputable company will also motivate you to plant more trees and guide their growth in order to avoid any environmental consequences that might arise from removing the old ones. For more information on the tree removal process, contact a service like Kingdoms Tree...

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Why Be Concerned About Bush Regeneration on Your Property?

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The term bush regeneration refers to the restoration of soil and the ecology of an area. This process can be very important on property that has suffered a fire or gone through a drought, or where buildings have been torn down and there is no vegetation on its pad or footprint. This regeneration can be accomplished on a small scale for any type of residential or commercial property, or on larger areas of vacant, cleared land. No matter the reasons for needing bush regeneration, it’s good to consider how to accomplish this and the benefits it can offer. Note the following. 1. Less maintenance will be needed When native grasses and vegetation are restored to an area, there is often less need for maintenance, as this vegetation becomes self-sustaining. Native vegetation typically doesn’t need as much mowing, cutting, and slashing. In turn, you will spend less time trying to maintain your property and keep it healthy when you reintroduce native vegetation. 2. Stabilization of erosion Soil erosion can be the result of no vegetation being present in a particular area, as the roots of brush and trees help to keep moisture locked in the soil. Vegetation also prevents soil runoff, as brush and trees, and even flowers and plants, act as a natural retainer for the moisture in soil. This soil erosion can affect surrounding areas, as they may begin to see vegetation die away from lack of hydration.  Erosion can also affect the soil so that it’s not strong enough for future construction. When soil is eroded, it may become very sandy and, in turn, not have the strength to support the weight of a building or home. Using bush regeneration can mean healthy soil that supports plant life and can also support future construction plans. 3. Offsetting of pollution Trees and other vegetation act as a filter for the air, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This can help to offset any pollution that is created in an area, actually creating fresh air that is healthier for occupants. This is an especially important consideration in an industrial area that creates tremendous amounts of pollution, but is also good for any property owner that is concerned about the overall environment. By planting trees and native vegetation, you are helping to undo any damage done to the environment by the cars in your driveway and the energy you use to heat and cool your home. For more information, contact a local bush regeneration company like EcoHort Pty...

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Simple Workplace Safety Tips Many Business Owners Overlook

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Workplace safety is not something to overlook when you own or manage a business, as a business owner can be held liable for unsafe working conditions. It’s also good if owners and managers are simply concerned about the overall safety and wellbeing of their workers so that no one suffers injury while on the job. Note a few simple but often overlooked workplace safety tips that you might want to implement in your own company: 1. Avoiding heaters and fire hazards Check your office and note if there are space heaters or heaters for coffee mugs in use. If so, are they near drapes, wastebaskets full of paper, or papers on the desk? These are fire hazards; the heat from these appliances alone can easily ignite a fire. Note too if space heaters are especially dusty, as they collect dust in their coils and this dust can also ignite. Put restrictions in place as to how and where they can be used; keep space heaters in open areas and insist that coffee mug heaters be used away from files and papers. 2. Mark traffic lines If you have a warehouse or production area, note if there are traffic lines in the floor for pedestrians and forklifts. It’s very easy to apply reflective tape on a cement floor that directs pedestrians and that works as a boundary for forklifts. Just as with traffic lines in the street, this can help to avoid collisions and alert others as to the need to look out for oncoming traffic, even if that traffic is a forklift or pallet jack. 3. Educate your staff There are many safety programs that your staff can go through online, making it very easy to keep them properly educated about safety in the workplace. This can be an instructional program about working at heights or working with chemicals, and even staying safe while in the office. Since it’s easy to have your staff sit in a conference room and sit through such a program you dial into online, there’s no reason to overlook this simple step in keeping them safe. 4. Have assessments It can also be beneficial to have a workplace safety assessment done. This type of assessment can be for particular areas of your workplace such as the production area or a commercial kitchen, or it can be for the office and delivery areas. This assessment can tell you simple changes you might make to improve worker safety and reduce the risk of accident and injury. If you want an assessment done or need other help, contact a company like Robson Environmental Pty Ltd to learn...

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Which Air Conditioning System Is Best for Your Home?

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Summers can be fierce. For this reason, you may be considering buying an air conditioning system to keep your home cool and pleasant in the hotter months. Deciding which system to choose can be daunting because of the vast array of varieties, makes, and models on offer. The first big decision is which type of system will best suit your needs. Split cycle systems Split cycle air conditioners work by sucking in the hot air from your home and cooling it before reintroducing it back into the room. These are the most powerful type of air conditioning system and especially effective for cooling large open plan rooms or rooms with very high ceilings. Most split systems also offer a reverse cycle, which means that they can heat your home as well as cool. For this reason, they are a great choice in climates that have cool winters as well as hot summers. While very effective these systems are also the most expensive, and can cost several thousand dollars to purchase and install. Evaporative cooling systems Evaporative cooling systems work by taking hot external air and passing it through chilled water cells to cool it. A fan then circulates the cold air into your home. The beauty of this system is that your home is constantly filled with fresh air, and you can leave windows and doors open without causing the house to heat up. Evaporative cooling systems are popular in dry climates because they also help to humidify the air. This type of system is best suited to areas with mild winters because it doesn’t provide a reverse cycle option to heat your home in winter. Portable air conditioning system Portable air conditioners are popular because they are inexpensive and don’t require installation. They are small and light and can be moved from room to room as they’re needed. They’re popular with people who rent their home because they can be easily relocated when a house move becomes necessary. While inexpensive, portable air conditioners are also far less powerful than the larger, and more expensive, split cycle and evaporative systems. They are best suited to apartments or homes with small rooms and no vast open spaces. Once you’ve decided on a system then you can begin the task of selecting the make and model of air conditioner that you’ll buy for your home. If you’re still unsure what system would be your best option then contact an air conditioning specialist like West Air Conditioning in your local area for more...

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